Become a SAS corporate customer
SAS Credits is the name of our corporate agreement: a product that is suitable for all companies. SAS Credits lets you earn on your company's air travel, makes travel administration easier and offers many other valuable benefits.
Joining is free of charge with no obligation. Sign up today and enjoy these benefits:
  • Sign your company up for SAS Credits & begin earning Credits
  • Your company earns 2-4% on all air travel
  • Use accumulated Credits to pay for air travel or hotel nights
  • SAS Credits are suitable for all companies – large or small
  • You & your colleagues can also earn EuroBonus points
Enjoy awards and benefits with SAS EuroBonus
Become a member of SAS EuroBonus for free. This gives you the opportunity to earn EuroBonus points on everything from flights to shopping.
The more you use your card, the more points you have to spend on e.g. upgrades and more. After just 5 round trips you become a Silver member with more great advantages.
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