More than just a customer…

About VR Travel
We are a Danish Corporate Travel Agency and we haveve provided a top service for more than 50 years as an independent travel agency helping more than 1200 businesses planning and booking corporate travels. As one of the biggest corporate travel agencies in Denmark we book and plan business travels and group/team building travels to any destination in the world. We take pride in helping businesses with a safe and easy travel at the most competitive prices on the market.

More than just a customer..
VR Travel adapt our services to match the needs of our customers and therefore, our customers are able to speak with qualified travel agents with experience navigating in the travel market or book directly through some of the best online travel tools in the market. All our travel agents work professionally to provide you with the most optimal travel solution adapted to your needs. Our dedicated employees are ready 24/7 to help you book and arrange your trip.

You can book your travels in our online system Cytric or through our experienced agents. If you choose to book your travel in Cytric then you can read more about Cytric and how it works in our user manual here:

Price Checker
No matter if you choose to book and plan your travel yourself or choose to get help booking and managing your travel by our experienced travel agents then you will get a price check on your travel until take off through our Price Checker, so you get the cheapest travel on the market on exactly your travel.

VR Travel also offers:
-One stop shopping: Air plane ticket, hotel og car rental.
-Access to online booking system.
-Easily manage and book your own business travel.
-24/7 customer service in English and Danish.

Our headquarter is located in Vejle, Denmark and furthermore, we have an agency in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland.

You can read more about us and our services in our catalogue:

In need of further details you are more than welcome to contact us at: +45 7642 9999 or by e-mail:

Best regards
Ole Svendsen