Agent reservation

VR Travel acts as an agent for the airline and is therefore the sole intermediary of the airline ticket to the customer. VR Travel does not sell airline tickets in its
own name and thus only receives the customer’s payment for the purchased airline tickets on behalf of the airline.
The airline is the customer’s contracting party, and it is therefore the airline that is responsible for the correct implementation of the transport agreement. The
airline’s general conditions regulate the contractual relationship between the customer and the airline. The customer can find the conditions applicable at any
time on the airline’s website.
As VR Travel is the sole mediator of the transport service, the travel agency is consequently not responsible for the airline’s bankruptcy and for delays,
cancellations, other breaches or failure to fulfill the transport agreement entered into between the customer and the airline.

General obligations of the customer or traveler

Travel documents

The customer and/or the traveler is responsible for the names that appear on the booking and travel documents being identical to the full name that appears on
the traveler’s passport.
If the customer and/or traveler becomes aware of inconsistencies between travel documents and passports or between travel documents and the order, the
customer and/or traveler must immediately notify VR Travel of this. In the event of errors caused by the customer and/or traveler, VR Travel will attempt to
correct the discrepancies. If this is possible, VR Travel will calculate a handling fee, just as the airline’s handling fee will be charged. If the airline’s conditions
do not allow changes, VR Travel cannot be held responsible for errors caused by the customer and/or traveler.

Passport, visa, vaccinations and luggage

The traveler must be in possession of a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months at the end of the journey, as well as the documents necessary for
the completion of the journey, including visas and proof of required vaccinations.
For certain countries, special rules apply for entry and exit. These rules can be found on the website of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Danish
citizens, as well as on the websites of the embassies of the countries concerned.
VR Travel informs the customer and/or traveler of the passport and visa requirements for the completion of the trip when entering into a purchase agreement.
The information that VR Travel gives the customer and/or traveler is based on the rules for Danish citizens.
If the traveler does not have a Danish passport or has dual citizenship, the customer and/or traveler must contact the relevant embassy for further information
on visa requirements and vaccination requirements. See in this context and

Timely attendance

If the traveler does not use the flight tickets in the correct order, the airline will cancel the remaining flight routes. It is therefore not possible to use only certain
sections of a flight. Eg. can the traveler not only use the return journey.
On both the outward and return journeys, the traveler must have completed check-in in accordance with the airline’s rules. These can be found on the airline’s
website, and will be printed on any web check in boarding pass. The traveler is responsible for making himself known in the check-in queue if the traveler can
foresee that he or she will not be able to complete check-in within the specified times.
The customer or traveler must keep informed about the time of return home by finding out in good time before the return home whether any changes have
been made or announced to the time of return home stated in the travel documents. The customer or traveler is obliged to check on the airline’s website no
later than 24 hours before departure whether changes have been made to departure times.
The customer or traveler must keep up-to-date on departure locations and times for the included flight routes. This can e.g. be done immediately after arrival
at an airport by keeping an eye on the overview screens and contacting the airport staff if in doubt about which terminals or gates the plane departs from.
Terminal and gate changes occur frequently and are beyond the VR Travel’s control.
If VR Travel receives information about changes made by the airline, the customer and/or traveler will be informed of this as soon as possible at the e-mail
address provided by the customer and/or traveler. The customer or traveler undertakes to provide a valid e-mail address in connection with the purchase and
at the same time agrees to receive changes to this as well as to keep up-to-date on changes.

Import of seeds, plants or living material

You are not allowed to import seeds, plants or living plant material into Denmark. Read about the requirements and avoid being sanctioned.
Read about the requirements here